Dry Cut

Founded in Paris, it's the art of shaping hair while it's dry to achieve the most optimized results.


The main feature that separates Charles from other stylists is his cutting technique. This special technique is the Dry-Cut method developed by the late John Sahag in NYC and pioneered in Boston by Charles. With the hair dry, Charles is able to carve out shapes that are impossible with wet hair. He can see the final look right from the beginning and he knows exactly how the hair falls. In other words, when the hair cut is cut dry, it creates a natural shape according to the way your hair grows.

What does this mean for the client? First and very importantly, this means a better haircut, one that blends better and grows out beautifully. This is because Charles is able to cut individual stands of dry hair and not big clumps of wet hair. Second, the salon experience becomes a more pleasant one. There is no need to sit anxiously waiting for the blow dry to finish just to see what the hair cut looks like. You also won’t need to worry about whether you’ll be able to make your hair look the same at home. With the dry cut, the whole experience becomes an interactive one. You’ll be able to see your hair taking form with each snip of the scissors. (a shampoo and blow dry are still part of the dry-cut and can take place before or after a haircut depending on the hair type and client)

Charles prides himself in being a visagiste – he considers the shape of the face, the facial features, the neck shape and length, eye and skin color, etc. before he shapes the hair. Very few stylists take are able to work on hair with such a comprehensive approach.


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